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No, create an account now. John Atkinson Editor, Stereophile. The unit has a resonant frequency of Hz and can move with ultra-smooth transients. However, that's simply not the case.

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The binding post and driver placements remind me of the Audio Physic Virgos, which I had for several years. Piccolo tweeter with Lotus grille looks as good as it sounds. Another thing I like is that there is a raft of medium-grade stand-mounts coming out with relatively flat, or reduced prices from predecessor models. How many americans do you think can read a graph like that John? He is a true audiophile who is a perfectionist in all details of his profession.

Saturday, a4tech 9200f driver Morel speaker and national holidays are not considered business days for delivery purposes. Morel Line Out Converters Shop all. Morel does provide you with plenty of hardware including multiple mounting cups so you can show them off rather than hide them.

Both still fall short of the performance of larger products. The upper and mid-bass regions remain tuneful, tight, and well defined.

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Discover Morel components for yourself I dream of having Morel speakers in my car, and the Maximo Series comes at a price tag that could make that dream come true. As for that woofer, I'm not familiar with it, or any other Morel driver. Sonus Faber Guarneri Tradition loudspeaker. Take your time cleaning and repairing your speakers, the end result will be worth it. Audio Physic Step Plus loudspeaker.

In fact, as nice as these individual drivers are, they would sound terrible together. Coral made very good drivers back on its days. Depends on the individual drivers, the price and the system they are used in.

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These books are just a way to get started. My speakers sound great again!

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Then I would need to find a woofer that can play up to the intended crossover point of the tweeter, without beaming or loosing off axis responce, right? As much as I loved the Virgos, the Octaves prove themselves a better choice for my taste. That's a tough one to get right. What other purpose should a hi-fi serve?

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Not only do they offer tremendous midbass performace for a smallish speaker and terrific overall audio fidelity, they also fit easily in the stock location. Like the guys stated above, sometimes it is as simple as two drivers that can't comfortably play with enough overlap to cross them. As far as choosing drivers, there are a number of factors.

The box cabinet is modified with some curved edges and includes a rear port. Would not hesitate to use Simply Speakers for all my speaker needs. Since hi-fi is a hobby, there is no one correct approach to its enjoyment.